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It’s been proven that many of us are predetermined to have health issues based on our genetics, and, based on the way we live our lives, we can create healthy lifestyles to decrease the likelihood of these potential health issues from occurring. Thankfully, technology allows us to detect these conditions before we experience symptoms. Early detection is one of the keys to prevention, control, and the best form of treatment. 

There’s no secret that early treatment for most health-related issues is proven to increase your recovery in most situations. At Craft Body Scan, we can detect small irregularities. We can see irregularities months and years before symptoms begin, whether it’s heart disease, kidney disease, or cancer. Catching these problems early on will give you the ability to take control over your life, possibly prevent the issue from worsening, and get early treatment for better success. Most of all, our scans allow you to have peace of mind.

If you know that you’ll suffer from a stroke if you don’t make simple changes to your life, would you do it? Would you improve your physical activity, change the way that you eat, and take the medications that will prevent you from having a stroke?

We hope most people would, and that’s what our body scans can provide for you – a glimpse into your future. 

So, what is a full body scan? Using state-of-the-art CT Scanners, the full body scan takes a detailed and comprehensive scan of your lungs, heart, and abdomen. This allows our specialist to see tumors, calcium deposits, nodules, and more.

Services We Provide In Tulsa

At Craft Body Scan, Tulsa residents have the ability to get a variety of non-invasive scans that will detect premature heart disease and strokes, lung or colon cancer, tumors, and more. Here are some of the different scans that we provide to prevent these conditions from affecting the quality of your life. 


Heart Scan

According to the CDC, 80% of heart disease and strokes are preventable if treated in the early stages. This means early discovery is essential. And if you are at an increased risk based on your age, family history, obesity, stress, diabetes, or lack of proper nutrition, you’ll want to have a scan performed.  

heart scan will check your coronary calcium score to look for signs of potential heart disease or strokes. If caught soon enough, you can make the required changes to your lifestyle, such as healthy eating habits and physical activity, to prevent further damage.

Lung Scan

Lung scans take detailed images of your lungs to detect lung cancer, emphysema, and other potentially life-threatening lung ailments. Our state-of-the-art equipment and our highly trained radiologists can see  irregularities. Many lung conditions are treatable if found early enough. Prioritizing your scan early will provide a baseline reference point for future scans; this will help to detect abnormalities easier. 

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and if treated in the early stages, it can improve the quality of your life. 

Virtual Colonoscopy 

When found early with our non-invasive virtual scan, colorectal cancers are treatable. Our CT scanner captures multiple images of your colon for optimal results. 

The 3-D view of your colon helps your specialist identify the slightest abnormalities.

If you have a family history of cancer, suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, poor nutrition, are obese, or overuse alcohol. 

Bone Density Test

bone density test measures calcium and other minerals in your bones; this helps show strength and thickness to show signs of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is most common in women and often comes with age, but this doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t be tested; up to 1 in 4 men over 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. 

Body Composition Analysis

body composition analysis is for more than weight loss, weight gain, and improving your overall health. It will tell you the healthy balance of fat and muscle in your body.

Pricing and Packages

With a variety of options, we provide advanced imaging Tulsa residents can afford. Our packages include full-body scans, which gives our patients an inside look at all the organs in their body. Additional service offerings are available. We encourage our patients to take advantage of our couple’s heart and lung scan special for  $149. The heart and lung scan promotion includes a consult where patients can learn more about our packages and additional services.

Our Tulsa Location

Our trained team of radiologists and physicians in our Tulsa location is dedicated to providing the best treatment. Our goal is to help you take control of your health by detecting heart diseases, cancer, bone trauma, and more before symptoms begin. We achieve this using a revolutionary state-of-the-art CT scanner that can detect abnormalities years sooner.
We’re passionate about providing the best full body scan Tulsa has access to. Just read our reviews, and you’ll uncover exactly what people are saying about our services.

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Why should I get a scan?

Early detection allows for successful treatment and prevention. Knowing years or months before symptoms surface will give you control over your health, whether you’re dealing with cancers, heart diseasecalcium deposits, or kidney disease

Is there any downtime after a scan?

You will be able to return to normal activities immediately following any scan. These are non-invasive tests. 

How long does a CT scan take?

It will depend on the type of scan, but most scans will take less than fifteen minutes. 

Do CT scans emit radiation? 

Yes, CT scans use ionizing radiation, which is the same as X-rays. Radiation experts believe that if imaging tests do increase the risk of cancer, the increase in risk is likely to be very small. Our state-of-the-art CT scanner uses the lowest dose of radiation possible to reduce risks while obtaining high quality images.

Do you get CT scan results immediately?

Our team of board-certified radiologists carefully review images and create a detailed report of their findings. The results of the scans are compiled into a report and sent to our patients within ten business days.

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If your family has a history of cancer or heart disease you should give us a call today and schedule an appointment for a body scan. We’ve been the choice of Tulsa when it comes to taking control of your health.



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With a heart scan from Craft Body Scan, you can help increase your chances of survival. Our non-invasive,
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