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Curious what patients are saying? Learn how a preventive screening can positively impact your health.

Francisco and Renee

“My calcium score was way off the charts.” Francisco was rushed in an ambulance for open heart surgery after he took his heart and lung scan results to his doctor. Renee is thankful her husband, Francisco, is alive today.

David Ream

David Ream was a former smoker. He received a full body scan and lung nodules were discovered. Since his scan findings, David has had surgery and is fully recovered. He credits our services for saving his life.


Jo’s advice for anyone considering our services: Go do it, don’t wait. Jo received her results and discovered she had diverticulitis and blockage in one of her arteries leading to her heart. Post-surgery, she learned she was was 80-85% blocked! She has recovered from her surgery and continues to attend craft fairs and even drag races with her grandson.


Howard decided he wanted to take a proactive approach to his health. After his heart and lung scan, he learned he had a calcium score of 600 and the right side of his heart was 90% blocked. Our scans saved his life.


Meet Jeffery. Jeffery drives a semitruck. Without our scan, Jeffery claims we saved not only his life, but all those around him.

Disclaimer: Our scans provide a coronary artery calcium risk score allowing patients to see the amount of plaque in major coronary arteries.

Darla Rufner

Darla Rufner lives an active lifestyle – she exercises regularly, and doesn’t smoke or drink. Her scan revealed she was at risk for heart attack or stroke. Darla experienced no symptoms prior. After reviewing her results with her cardiologist, she was immediately rushed in for open heart surgery and had five bypasses.

Dennis and Robin

Dennis and Robin had the heart and lung scan. Dennis received clean results. Robin’s results revealed that she had a nodule in her lung and was later diagnosed with stage one lung cancer. Robin had surgery and is recovered. Dennis and Robin are back to drag racing and spending time with their grandchildren.


Wanda Rountree was experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue. She visited our facility, received a full body scan, and discovered she had a plaque score of 1900. Wanda was able to give her doctors the information from her scan report. Since her scan, Wanda has had an angiogram and triple bypass surgery. Now, life has resumed as normal and she is enjoying time with her grandchildren and working in her yard!

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