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Our Team

Our staff is made up of specialists and physicians dedicated to the early detection of heart disease, cancer, and other abnormalities.
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Dr. Jason Schroder

Dr. Schroder lives in Tulsa with his wife Linsy and two children. When he’s not entertaining his young ones, Dr. Schroder loves to spend his free time exercising, camping, playing sports, listening to music, and even playing it himself.

“My experience working with patients undergoing treatment for various cancers, lung and cardiac diseases helped me understand the remarkable impact that early detection can have. That is why I am such an advocate for seeing what’s happening inside the body and addressing it quickly. It’s not just about health and wellness, it’s about the future of a patient’s life.”

Dr. Amber Bazler

For the past decade, Dr. Bazler has been passionate about delivering care that addresses the whole person. She has experience treating both children and adults, providing a range of care from acute needs to chronic disease management and wellness and prevention. She loves spending time with her husband and two children, and is active in her community and her church. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, being in nature, and enjoying the little things in life. Laughing and taking the first sip of hot coffee are her favorite moments.

“I believe in finding the root cause(s) of my patient’s symptoms and addressing those, rather than taking “a pill for every ill” approach. Listening to the patient and spending time with them is the key to helping them have a successful journey to health.”

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Dr. David Young

Dr. David Young serves as our radiologist, leveraging his extensive education, training, and experience to provide exceptional patient care. With a strong focus on accuracy, precision, and compassion, he strives to contribute to the advancement of radiology and make a positive impact on the lives of his patients. In his free time, you can find Dr. Young running trails, attempting his third eagle in golf, or spending time with his wife and four children.

I teach my children to be active participants in life, emphasizing the importance of proactive action over passivity. I support Craft Body Scan’s proactive approach to health, valuing prevention for safety and security. This mindset guides all aspects of my life: quality time with my family, prioritizing exercise, and even my commitment to golf, despite “occasional” frustrations. Joining Craft Body Scan brings me excitement as I empower others to take control of their well-being. When we’re healthier, we’re happier and as a result, we think better!”

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Caroline Coussens, APRN-CNS, BC

Born and raised in New Orleans, Caroline Coussens decided to come to Oklahoma to attend Oral Roberts University. She not only fell in love with Tulsa, but she also met her husband of 37 years. After working in oncology and community health, she began teaching at ORU, OU and Roger’s State University. In 2001, she started a free clinic for uninsured patients in one of the lowest-income areas of Tulsa. After serving thousands of patients, Coussens joined Craft Body Scan in 2021 and loves working in the world of preventative healthcare.

“I truly love Tulsa, my patients, and my work, but my greatest joy is spending time with my growing family. I am so grateful to be married to my husband for nearly 40 years, and have three beautiful children and seven grandchildren.”

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Zak Thomas, PA-C

Zak Thomas, in his role as a Physician Assistant at Craft Body Scan, offers critical medical support by assisting in diagnostic procedures and managing patient care. His responsibilities include conducting thorough medical histories, performing physical examinations, interpreting lab results, and implementing treatment plans, always ensuring patients are treated with utmost care and empathy.

“Working at Craft Body Scan is a fulfilling experience. Our work impacts lives directly and positively. I take immense pride and satisfaction in my role as a Physician Assistant. Every patient interaction is an opportunity for me to provide care, empathy, and reassurance. Medicine is indeed a service, and every day, I am reminded of why I chose this path.”

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