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The Impact of Chronic Stress on Your Heart and Health

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How Chronic Stress Harms Heart and Health

Stressful feelings that pass quickly are a common occurrence in everyday life. However, these emotions can negatively affect a person’s health if they persist or become chronic.

Your body naturally experiences stress. It causes the fight-or-flight response and warns you about specific hazards. It can also improve performance by stimulating your senses by releasing adrenal glands. 

But chronic stress—which affects your daily life and your mental health—and can even cause heart disease and death, is brought on by too much stress that is produced on a regular basis.

Stress is a physiologic reaction to challenging circumstances. Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are released as a result. These hormones contribute to the body’s readiness for action by raising the heart and breathing rates. 

This reaction to particular circumstances is designed to defend you from risks from predators, both physical and psychological.

The sections below provide further insight into the impact of chronic stress on your health.

How Stress Performs

Every time you experience an event that could be interpreted as a threat, a small area at the base of your brain called the hypothalamus sets off an alarm system in your body. 

This mechanism triggers your adrenal glands to release an excess of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which can occasionally have a negative impact on your health.

Your heartbeat quickens, your blood pressure rises, and your energy levels are boosted by adrenaline. The main stress hormone, cortisol, raises blood glucose levels, improves how well your brain uses glucose and increases the amount of chemicals that can be used to repair cells.

Additionally, cortisol suppresses bodily processes that would be unnecessary or harmful in a fight-or-flight scenario. It modifies immune system responses and inhibits development, digestion, and the reproductive and reproductive systems. 

This intricate natural warning system also connects with the parts of the brain in charge of emotion, drive, and fear. Once a perceived threat has passed, your hormone levels return to normal. 

Your heart rate and blood pressure recover to normal levels when your cortisol and adrenaline levels decline, and other bodily functions carry on as usual.

Why Chronic Stress Is Risky

Even if the majority of physical predator risks are uncommon, you surely face a number of psychological dangers every day because you are under a lot of stress from things like taking on big projects at work, paying expenses, and taking care of your family.

Your body responds to these routine duties in the same way it responds to other stressful events, such as a barking dog. However, the danger does not go away as soon as that bark. You can consequently experience a continual sense of attack.

Nearly all of your body’s functions can be affected by the prolonged activation of the stress-response system and the ensuing overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones. 

This may lead to a variety of effects, including weight loss or increase, migraines, depression, heart stress, insomnia, and more.

How Chronic Stress Affects Heart Health

Your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and heart rate can all increase under prolonged stress. Your heart may be put under stress if these effects persist at a high level for a long time. 

Behaviors like smoking, inactivity, and overeating that raise your risk of heart disease may also be impacted by stress.

To cope with ongoing stress, some people can decide to consume excessive alcohol or light up. However, these behaviors may damage artery walls and raise blood pressure, necessitating greater stress management owing to more serious health issues.


Long-term strain from chronic stress can have an impact on the entire body. This may result in a number of symptoms and raise your risk of getting some illnesses. 

It can also drain your energy, disrupt your sleep, and leave you feeling irritable, forgetful, and out of control. Numerous health problems, particularly those involving the heart, can be brought on by stress. 

Thankfully, you can continue to live a healthy life with the knowledge you receive from preventive screening.

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