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Celebrating Women’s Health Month With CBS

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Women’s Health Month aims to empower you as a woman, encourage you to make your health a priority, and focus on steps to improve your health. 

In the spirit of Women’s Health Month, today, Craft Body Scan is focusing on the importance of female health, preventative health, and how you can ensure you’re living your happiest, healthiest life as a woman. Let’s get started.

Women’s Health Month: What’s it all About?

Women’s health covers all things related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions which affect a woman’s physical and mental well-being. 

It covers areas such as heart disease, birth control, breast cancer, other female cancers, mammography, and other conditions affecting the functions of the female reproductive organs. So, the goal of Women’s Health Month is to bring light to these complications and help make continued progress for female health in the US.

Why is Women’s Health Unique?

As a woman, you’ll go through significant changes at different points in your life, and some of these changes raise various health concerns. 

For instance, you focus on sexual health issues such as fertility or practicing safe birth control when you become an adult. When you reach menopause, you start to have different concerns and experience other health conditions due to hormonal changes. Generally, some women also go through some physiological changes, which can cause them to develop mental health issues such as depression.

Women’s health concerns are unique because they constantly evolve in different stages of a woman’s life. It’s important to talk about these issues as often as possible. 

What are Some Specific Women’s Health Issues?

Women’s health is unique, to say the least. As empowering as our health and wellness may be, it also means that there are certain complications that women have to deal with that men may not. 

During Women’s Health Month, it’s crucial to recognize specific women’s health issues, as this can bring awareness and even further research if needed. 

While some diseases and conditions are specific to women, there are certain diseases and conditions which women have higher risks of developing. Some of these conditions are: 

High Blood Pressure

Women have a lower risk for high blood pressure than men until they turn 45. Between the ages 45 and 65, both men and women have the same risk, but your risk becomes higher as a woman after you turn 65. 

Also, several women who have normal blood pressure tend to develop high blood pressure after menopause. 

Metabolic Syndrome

You are at a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome as a woman, which causes high blood pressure, high glucose level, and increased waist size. It also increases your risk of getting a heart attack. 


Women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis than men because the hormone changes experienced at menopause directly affect bone density. How so? Estrogen is vital for healthy bones, but there’s a fall in women’s estrogen levels after menopause. 

Breast Cancer

Being a woman is the ultimate risk factor for developing breast cancer. Another factor that increases your risk is getting older since most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years or older. 

What Can be Done to Improve Women’s Health Issues?

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You can take so many steps to improve your health issues, including those specific to you as a woman and the ones you have a higher risk of developing. The good thing is that most of these steps are relatively easy to incorporate into your daily life.

Stay Active

Being physically active is suitable for both men and women, but it’s even better for you as a woman. Exercising would help you have healthier blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As you approach menopause, it becomes more important to stay active as it would help reduce symptoms such as hot flashes and moodiness.

Tweak your daily activities to accommodate being physically active; for instance, you can ditch the lift more often and take the stairs instead. Also, you can decide to park farther from your destination so you can walk more distance. 

Watch Your Diet

You can’t stay healthy in the long run if you don’t watch what you eat. Eating healthy doesn’t mean your diet has to be boring, though! Ensure your diet includes lots of whole and fresh food and less junk and processed foods.

Eat more plant-based foods such as vegetables, legumes, and whole grains rich in fiber. A fiber-rich diet helps you maintain a lower body weight and avoid chronic illness. 

Get Enough Sleep

We understand that it can be difficult for you to get enough sleep with your packed to-do list. But that isn’t enough reason to ignore getting sufficient rest. Adequate sleep helps you feel rested and balanced; it also lets you keep your emotions in check and protects your health over time. 

Studies have shown that women who don’t get enough sleep would likely have weight control issues. So, try to have better sleeping habits, avoid screen time some minutes before bed, and put your phone on silent mode. 

Regular Screening

It doesn’t help to see your doctor only when you feel unwell. One of the proven hacks that will help your health in the long term is going for regular medical checks — known as preventative care. Scheduling regular examinations will help you detect any health concerns early on, especially those that go unnoticed, such as high blood pressure.

To help ensure you’re in the best health possible, it’s best to speak with your primary care physician about preventative screenings. Your PCP can help recommend annual screenings that are right for you.  

What You Need to Know About Women’s Health Month 2022

Women’s Health Month starts on Mother’s Day each year with the National Women’s Health Week.

women's health month

The goal is to empower women to prioritize their health. Significantly, Women’s Health Month raises awareness about the different physical and mental concerns that women experience. It is essential because several women’s health concerns are often invalidated, and numerous women do not have the resources to address them. 

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