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CBS is Celebrating Men’s Health Month

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Did you know June is Men’s Health Month? This summer, we’re focusing on what men’s health means, how it’s unique, and the ways that Craft Body Scan recognizes men’s health and wellness every day. 

What is Men’s Health Month?

Throughout the month of June, people everywhere are celebrating Men’s Health Month. This is a month dedicated to encouraging men to live their happiest, healthiest lives in various ways.

Men’s Health Month is symbolized by a blue ribbon, so you may see this popping up more than usual throughout June. While you can observe Men’s Health Month in numerous ways, many people use this time to acknowledge preventable diseases and complications that primarily affect men. This pertains to both mental and physical health, as well.

During Men’s Health Month, you’ll likely see more information tailored specifically to men and male health systems, just as you saw we focused on female health in May

Understanding Men’s Health 

Male health and wellness is a complicated, often touchy subject. Men are statistically less likely to go to the doctor, often missing annual checkups and appointments. This can be for various reasons, but studies find that most men avoid the doctor because they consider the process to be emasculating.

For many men, taking care of their health isn’t a priority; in fact, it’s often their wives or girlfriends that persuade them to go to the doctor in the first place. An Aflac study showed over 50% of men were motivated explicitly by their wife/girlfriend/mother to get medical attention. Cost is also a huge barrier, as men frequently find healthcare to be too pricey of an expense.

Unfortunately, this causes a lot of male health issues to go untreated or unnoticed. Specifically, many men suffer from untreated mental health problems because they’re not interested in talking about that part of their life. After all, it’s been strongly ingrained in men’s minds that “boys don’t cry,” so going to therapy or getting mental health treatment may seem like a failure. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Months like Men’s Health Month are crucial for showing men that their health and wellness matters. It isn’t a weak or “girly” decision to seek help and improve your everyday quality of life. In fact, we couldn’t think of anything more powerful.

The Importance of Male Health and Wellness

Men’s health and wellness is essential for innumerable reasons; however, the acknowledgment of men’s health month is also more than important for the population.

Men’s health month is the perfect conversation starter for you and many of the men in your life. Sometimes, talking about these issues — especially regarding sexual health — isn’t always easy. But, when you have an entire month dedicated to education and awareness, it becomes the best time to talk about what needs to be said. Whether you’re concerned about how you’re feeling physically or mentally, or maybe you’re concerned about a different man in your life, June may be the best time to seek the help you need. 

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Along with getting support, Men’s Health Month serves as the perfect time to treat yourself. This month is all about you and your health and wellness, so why not celebrate it as such? Get outside as much as possible, exercise with your friends, and play the sports you used to when you were younger.

So, if you have that ankle that’s bothering you or your sex life isn’t what it used to be, June is the month to get these complications looked at. After all, these next 30 days are all about you. 

How CBS Recognizes Men’s Health Month 

Craft Body Scan recognizes Men’s Health Month in various ways. But, primarily, we want our male patients to come in for the preventive body scans of their health needs. We offer quick, painless, and affordable body scans that can check for any abnormalities or areas of concern. Whether you’re in need of a virtual colonoscopy, bone density test, or a scan of your lungs, CBS has the resources you need to do it all — completely worry-free, too.

Here at CBS, we understand that men’s health can be a touchy subject. But, our experts are here to make the process as simple as ever before. At the end of the day, our goal is always to give you top-of-the-line healthcare without any hassle or stress. 

So, whether it’s been six months or six years since you’ve gone to the doctor, Men’s Health Month is the perfect time to do so. Click the button below to make an appointment at one of our locations for your own preventive body scan.



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